1. ok so I have some information to share if you would like it
  2. regarding heathen and ummorpg. I found almost everything I needed was already coded. It was just a matter of using unity’s event system and putting the right methods into the proper events. I was able to create/join/start sessions using everything that had already been coded. It was kind of hard to understand at first but very simple once I was shown how it operates. Also I was able to implement a very primitive leaderboard system, but there is still much more that can be done. I will probably continue work in this field for my master’s degree and feel that heathen will be the primary target of my thesis.
  3. With that said I am having problems with my dungeon arena disappearing and portals within that prefab disappearing at the start and have yet to find what is destroying them. Right now he ports to the dungeon and then it appears about 5 seconds after he ports. I would like it to be there beforehand with a portal out of the arena should anyone find themself locked inside(it resides about 150m in the air with 15m tall walls so there is no way out except a portal for now). Eventually I would like to add a timer to the arena that kicks players from the arena after 3-5 minutes much like warcraft.

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