moving forward

here’s some things I’m working on that I think heathen can handle, I just dunno how to unlock it’s potential yet. 1.) I would like to have a search feature for the browser where users type in a string and it tries to find the closest result. 2.) when users select ready they are qued into a group which is used to identify their place in the session(which side they are on, etc.) 3.) the start button needs to take all users and port them to their respective place through navmesh.warp. I am using this instead of a new scene. it may seem counterintuitive but I have a working model now that seems to do the trick nicely for one person(not so well for more than one). right now I have the browser setup to find and create lobbies, you can select read or not ready. I have a button through ummorpg that handles porting at the moment, but I would like to convert that into the ‘start session button’ which would handle all the features in 3. figured I’d put this all here to document how I am going to use heathen.

here’s a video to show you guys where I stand and what needs to be done, you can see the start session button does nothing at this time and i have to talk to another npc to initiate the port to an instance. I had the button on the other guy but it was causing some problems so I have the two side by side for testing at this time.

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